My New Favorite Bath Soap: Droplets of Nature Beauty and Bright Moringa Soap

I got one bar of Moringa Soap from the April Glamourbox. It was a Green Beauty box so I knew by the looks of the soap that it’s one of those all-natural ingredients kind of product. No preservatives, no coloring and other harmful chemicals added! I used it immediately since it came exactly when I […]


I work mostly at night since that when my creative juices flow through my brain. While I get more things done compared to working in the morning or afternoon, I also suffer the consequences of sleepiness during day time, grumpiness and not to mention dark circles under the eyes. I’m used to waking up at […]

Review: Essence of Beauty Body Cream

The perks of having a single aunt living in the States is that she gets the time to buy goodies for us back home in the Philippines. One of the best finds I’ve taken out from the box she sent out last Christmas is the Body Cream by Essence of Beauty. For some reason, I […]