FOURTH DAY!   Long run (2.34 km) Front plank side plank (right and left) 1 minute each Okay, I’ll be honest about the run, I walked a little bit! And for the planking, I can’t hold the position straight 60 seconds. So I hold it for 15 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and do it […]


I don’t want to start feeling cocky because it’s just day 2 but YEIIY!!   2 km run 25 air squats 3 rounds Oh and btw, here’s dinner last night. It’s winged beans with coconut milk. It’s not the best photograph and I don’t really know how to stage food? If there’s even a thing. […]


Good morning Monday! I’m feeling a good vibe for this week! Made sure I was in bed before 9, otherwise I’d be tumblin’ on the internet until midnight and probably won’t wake up before 5 to do the exercises. I’m making it a point to get it done before breakfast so there’s no excuses.  DAY […]

30 DAY CHALLENGE: My First Try at Crossfit

I failed my Project 28 Days but like I said, i’ll keep doing this until I succeed! I finally figured out what I want to get myself for Christmas! I want a fitter, healthier body! Never mind the weight loss, I just want to fit better in my clothes. Although I’m not saying a little […]


Let me talk about my 28 Day Project. Bottom Line: I failed. MISERABLY. My first week was awesome. I ate less crap and more meat and veggies. I exercised, making sure I get in 20 squats after more than one hour of sitting in front the laptop. In total, I was able to do 60 […]

Project 28 Days

Okay! So, yes. Obviously I have been slacking around. I’m not even going to defend myself. I got so lazy and caught up with my procrastination! So, I read about this story about astronauts. They were asked to wear this special goggles that made them perceive the world upside down. How cool is that? Well, […]

My New Favorite Bath Soap: Droplets of Nature Beauty and Bright Moringa Soap

I got one bar of Moringa Soap from the April Glamourbox. It was a Green Beauty box so I knew by the looks of the soap that it’s one of those all-natural ingredients kind of product. No preservatives, no coloring and other harmful chemicals added! I used it immediately since it came exactly when I […]