Good morning Monday! I’m feeling a good vibe for this week! Made sure I was in bed before 9, otherwise I’d be tumblin’ on the internet until midnight and probably won’t wake up before 5 to do the exercises. I’m making it a point to get it done before breakfast so there’s no excuses. 


10 push ups

10 sit ups

10 air squats

5 rounds

I did 10 minutes of warm up. Emm, I didn’t know what I was doing, stretching here and there. Butt kicks, knee high. Stuff. Twisting here and there. I hope that was okay, I was scared that if I took a short jog I won’t be able to do the squats. Haha!

First of, let me admit that I don’t know how to do push ups. I did that push up with the knee on the floor but hell, that was still hard. And yes, I’m pretty sure it was bad form considering I couldn’t lift my body up completely. I’ll learn that. It’s a process, right? :))

Sit ups? I’ve always been competitive when it comes to sit ups. For some reason I felt I wasn’t lifting my body properly. I’ll put a video cam next time to see how I actually look like. For air squats, I love it! 

Just to update: I ate a banana afterwards and no, I’m not sitting while typing this. I’ll take a shower in 30 minutes and yes, I wrote this blog 15 minutes after the WOD. If I don’t, I’ll probably never write it. 

Feeling great, wishing myself patience and perseverance!

29 more day! 

Have a great week ahead!


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