30 DAY CHALLENGE: My First Try at Crossfit

I failed my Project 28 Days but like I said, i’ll keep doing this until I succeed! I finally figured out what I want to get myself for Christmas! I want a fitter, healthier body! Never mind the weight loss, I just want to fit better in my clothes. Although I’m not saying a little weight loss wouldn’t be good. Ehehe.

I was looking for an easy 30-day Challenge I can try. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slacking by looking for something easy. It’s just that my physical activity is close to ZERO. Understand that I AM A BEGINNER. Found this blog! Because I’m really interested in Crossfit, we don’t have one here in Baguio. There’s 3 in the Philippines, I think? They’re all Manila-based. Moving on, I can’t afford the rates even if I was living back in Manila so I searched for “crossfit workout for beginners at home.”

Wish me luck. Pray for me. I don’t know. I know I’ll need all the help I can get. My number one enemy is myself. I procrastinate. I think there’s a lot of time, I’ll do it later. Then, the day ends, it’s time to sleep and I miss whatever I was supposed to do. My second enemy is the kitchen. I like to snack. And my snacking turns into a full meal. I like talking, telling stories while snacking so I stay in the dining table a lot. Help me!

I decided to start on a Monday and I’m putting a few to-do on my calendar of activities. For this weekend, I’ll be searching for proper warm-up exercises and easy meals I can cook to help my  body recover, adjust, whatever.

30 DAY CHALLENGE: My First Try at Crossfit


And to start my Saturday morning, I decided I should gear myself for the next 30 days. Instead of eating fried rice, spam and fried eggs, I decided it’s time to blend my frozen papayas and watermelon. I started making fruit shakes a month ago and it was great! I didn’t feel hungry until lunch time. It lessened my snack time and frankly, I was able to do a lot more work than usual. Thing is, by week 2 I had sore throat and laryngitis. Sister said it’s too cold to take for breakfast. I was thinking about the fruit diet that said the best time to take your fruits is when you have an empty stomach. The healthy fruit shakes stopped and so did my exercise regimen. That’s the story of my failed 28 Day Project.

30 DAY CHALLENGE: My First Try at Crossfit


I found this on Pinterest and will definitely link the blog once I find it again. I’ll keep it mind to always save the links so I can credit them. Basically, I cut the papaya and watermelon into small pieces and put them in the freezer. I left mine overnight. If you’re going to try them, make sure you separate the pieces so they won’t stick together once they’re frozen. It’ll be a lot easier for the blender to do its job. Also, I used a plate the first time and I had a hart time removing the fruits. I used cling wrap the second time.

I did this to bananas, mangoes, apples, pears, papaya, watermelon and oranges. I failed with the oranges because I didn’t take out the white part under the skin? I got a very bitter shake from that. Anyway, you can mix and match the fruits, add milk or any type of juice. So far, I’ve only tried it with milk. The papaya-watermelon, the one on the photo, I added apple juice, it wasn’t so bad. Except that I couldn’t taste the watermelon anymore. Probably something with my portioning.

I don’t measure how much I put, in my head I’m like, “emmm, more bananas. Not blending? More milk. A little bit of mango, maybe two?”

I’m like that. It’s a habit I should learn to change if I want to get the right nutrients and the right taste.


* Note: Forgive me if I do not take good photos or if I don’t take photos at all. I don’t own a camera phone. I have a primitive camera that uses double A batteries. I’m still in the process of learning to document everything. Work with me. 



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