Let me talk about my 28 Day Project.

Bottom Line: I failed. MISERABLY.

My first week was awesome. I ate less crap and more meat and veggies. I exercised, making sure I get in 20 squats after more than one hour of sitting in front the laptop. In total, I was able to do 60 squats each day. I ran 15 minutes on the bicycle machine and did workouts with the dumbbell. I was able to complete my work deliverable on time and even got extra work done from a freelance job. It was great!

Then came Sunday. It was my rest day. I also allowed myself to indulge on rice, a little soda and a lot of sleep. Boy, did I make a big mistake on that. Monday comes and I’m so lazy. I said, I’ll do it again on Tuesday. And Tuesday came and I found myself saying “meh. I’ll do it later.” And, you all know how that ended.

I wasn’t able to meet any of my goals for this month. I overate, overspend and frankly, I overestimated myself.

If I have to do this every month, I will! I failed, I’ll try again. If I have to do this every month to help me change my habits! I will! And to begin this month’s journey, I’m letting go of a few..urm, a lot (in my definition) of stuff. I’m finally accepting the fact that I’m never going to fit in these clothes EVER again! It’s a first step.

Yeah, I think step one is good. CLEAN CLUTTER.

Garage Sale: Cleaning Clutter



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