Project 28 Days

Okay! So, yes. Obviously I have been slacking around. I’m not even going to defend myself. I got so lazy and caught up with my procrastination! So, I read about this story about astronauts. They were asked to wear this special goggles that made them perceive the world upside down. How cool is that? Well, probably not cool at all. It made the astronauts dizzy but they still continued the experiment. On the 28th day, one of the astronauts finally saw upright. Other astronauts followed days later. What’s the point of this story?

It takes 28 days to change your perception/habit.

I’ve been promising to be sexy! I’ll exercise and get abs instead of this flabby post-pregnancy tummy. But I’m out of excuses. I gave birth a year ago. What am I doing?

I’ve been saying that since high school too! I’ll get abs be super hot! But no. Turns out, wanting to be physically beautiful is not a very strong motivation for me. I turned 24 a couple of months ago and with that, I realized I’m just 24! I have a weak left knee that likes to cave in, I have back pains, lower and upper, my blood sugar drops so many times in a day! I’m unhealthy! I’m going to die! I have to do something! Which is what I’m going to do. Project 28 Days officially begins today. It’s a project that should keep track of my exercises and the work I accomplish.

More work done = more productive = more money

Exercise = less unhealthy eating = healthy life

That’s my logic as of right now but hell, it could change! Hopefully to something more meaningful! I’d like to keep track of everything I do in this project but I’ll try my best! Wish me luck!




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