My New Favorite Bath Soap: Droplets of Nature Beauty and Bright Moringa Soap

I got one bar of Moringa Soap from the April Glamourbox. It was a Green Beauty box so I knew by the looks of the soap that it’s one of those all-natural ingredients kind of product. No preservatives, no coloring and other harmful chemicals added!

Droplets of Nature Beauty and Bright Moringa Soap

Droplets of Nature Beauty and Bright Moringa Soap

I used it immediately since it came exactly when I was about to run out of bath soap. First thing I love, the smell. It’s minty and it’s cucumber-y. Second, I didn’t expect it to make any suds since it was made from natural ingredients. It didn’t bubble up like the regular bath soaps I’m used to but it still made a foamy coating so at least it doesn’t feel like I’m using nothing on my skin. It doesn’t feel right when I take a bath and my shampoo or soap doesn’t make bubbles. I guess I’m so used to having bubbles and suds that I associate it to being clean!

Anyway, I LOVE IT! I didn’t notice it at first but the soap actually moisturizes my skin. After a week of using it, I didn’t even have to use lotion on my legs when I go out. I don’t know if it’s related, but the itchy feeling in my skin was also reduced. I took extra care of the soap since I know most natural soaps melt faster than commercial soaps. I place it on top a soap case that drains the water. I made sure it’s always dry and for an all-natural soap, it’s an achievement to have lasted 3 weeks.

After I used it all up, I wanted more so I checked Glamourbox if they have it in their boutique. Sadly, they don’t. The link on their site also directs to Mir and Ryvi which is a different brand from Droplets of Nature. I gave up and never thought about it again. Until the temperature dropped and it got cold, in effect, my skin became even drier. I got desperate!

I searched online and we don’t have a store here that sells Droplets of Nature. Luckily, I found and they carry the product. Weighing my options between asking my sister to buy it in Manila and just ordering it online, I decided to just order it from Shopinas. Shipping fee for the 5 bars of soap was 140.48 Php. If I asked my sister to buy it, that 140 Php is just her one way cab fare. I love online shopping! Less hassle and it minimizes costs too! My orders arrived today!

Droplets of Nature

I ordered their serum bar too. I want to give it a try since I’m so satisfied with the Moringa Soap. The Moringa Soap costs 114 Php (less than $3), while the Serum Bar costs 94 ($2) Php. I spent 670.58 Php ($16) in total plus shipping. Not bad considering the results I got. I’m giving one bar of each soap to my best gal pal! She scars easily when she has pimples and I’m hoping this soap will help her out! Excited! Getting ready for a bath!

Droplets of Nature


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