My Dry Skin Issues

I told you about my VERY DRY skin right? No? I must have covered it at some point. Anyway, YES. I have very dry skin. Cold is my enemy. Here’s my theory, when it gets cold, my blood vessels constrict and try to conserve body heat. That’s fine. I understand that. Thing is, I think when my blood vessels do that, they fail to deliver water to my skin. Thus, my skin looks scaly when it’s cold. I’m not kidding! I’m pretty grossed out myself. If the lines were etched, my skin would look like a cracked planting plot during a drought in Arizona!

It’s that bad. If I have to go out, I wear long sleeves and jeans to cover up every inch of my skin. If I have to wear a shirt or anything above my ankles, I liberally apply lotion and bring the tube with me because I swear, my skin drinks whatever type of lotion and in a couple of hours, my skin’s dry again. Either that or the rain washes away the lotion in no time. Whichever happens first! And frankly, I hate the feeling. You know that tight-skin feeling when you have a sunburn? Almost as bad as that! I’d love to post photos too but I’m pretty sure no one would read my blog ever again. LOL! (I don’t think people read my blog anyway, well, not yet. I’m hopeful!)

My Dry Skin Issues

VERY dry skin

This only happens when it gets cold and since rainy season started a few weeks ago, I’ll be suffering this for the next few months. I drink lots of water! LOTS OF WATER. I eat ls of tomatoes because I’ve read somewhere that it helps the skin too but I’m really looking for a body lotion that works.

My Dry Skin Issues

I wasn’t kidding, was I?

I don’t mind if it’s not scented. Actually, I prefer unscented body creams. It messes up with my perfume. If any of you have suggestions, feel free to drop a comment! As of the moment, I’m using my son’s Aveeno Baby Lotion. It’s light and it really gets absorbed by my skin. It doesn’t get washed away by water so I’m assuming it’s giving moisture to my skin!


HELP. LOL. Is there a diet I need to take? A product I need to use?

Please don’t tell me to see my dermatologist again. She suggested I use Celeteque but my problem area is, well. Majority of my skin except my face so you see where my problem arises, right?


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