I work mostly at night since that when my creative juices flow through my brain. While I get more things done compared to working in the morning or afternoon, I also suffer the consequences of sleepiness during day time, grumpiness and not to mention dark circles under the eyes.

Review: Etude House Mint Eye's Cream

I’m used to waking up at 6 or 7 in the morning. It’s automatic and as much as I’d like to stay under the covers, my body just won’t let my lazy ass stay in bed longer. So, you can imagine how much sleep I lack and how puffy my eyes get. I’ve been looking for a product to relieve the dry feeling around my eyes and something that can lighten the darkness too.

Review: Etude House Mint Eye's Cream

I checked Etude House in our only mall here and asked for a product that’s great for the eyes! They showed me this, the Mint Cooling Eye’s Cream and it costs 428 Php. Yes, you read that right. It’s EYE’S CREAM and for a reason.

Review: Etude House Mint Eye's Cream

Downside of having a Korean product sold here in the Philippines is that most salesman or saleswoman meant to help you through their product line knows absolutely as much as you do. I had no help from the person “assisting” me when I asked about ingredients or the difference from the Vanilla Moist Eyes Cream. So, judging from what I know, one gives a cooling effect while the other moisturizes.

Review: Etude House Mint Eye's Cream

As a fan of minty candies, chocolates, soaps and others, I chose the MINT COOLING EYES CREAM. It has great packaging and on the first night I used it, my eyes felt great! Like I can stay up longer than usual. I re-applied twice that first night and after waking up, applied it again. I like how the minty feeling cools my eyes and how it keeps it feeling moisturized.

Review: Etude House Mint Eye's Cream

I can also apply it over my face even when I’m wearing foundation and it doesn’t ruin anything. I use it about 3-4 times in a day and haven’t run out yet. It’s been a month and a half and my stick’s still good! I have yet to see its effect on the dark circles but I’m perfectly satisfied with the cooling effect it gives when I’m working late at night. I’ll be looking for another product for the dark circles as this one doesn’t help much!

Review Etude House Mint Eyes Cream

What it says in their site is that it unclogs pores and smooths skin. It’s a water-soluble moisturizing agent with low alcohol content. I like the part where it says it cleanses and soothes the skin without irritation and that it’s suitable for acne-prone skin. Thumbs up for this product! Looking forward to trying out more from their line but will make sure to read on their products ahead before visiting their store!


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