Review: Essence of Beauty Body Cream

The perks of having a single aunt living in the States is that she gets the time to buy goodies for us back home in the Philippines. One of the best finds I’ve taken out from the box she sent out last Christmas is the Body Cream by Essence of Beauty. For some reason, I can’t seem to find this product online anywhere except from one eBay seller.

Essence of Beauty Naughty or Nice Body Cream

It had a tagline “naughty or nice” so I’m assuming this is a product sold only for the Christmas season. First impression after opening the container, didn’t like the smell. It was cinnamon-y, ginger-y and too strong for my liking. I set it aside for a couple of months until my sibling decided to give it a try. Because of the smell, she didn’t use it as a regular body cream. Instead, she used it as a night cream. On her feet and elbows.

The next day she came to me excited about the softness of her feet. The skin around her toes was actually soft. Curious, I tried it too. I know it says body cream and we’re not using it properly by applying it only on our feet and elbows but true enough, my skin felt softer and smoother by the morning. It reminds me of a time when I used petroleum jelly for my feet and wrapped it with thick socks to keep it warm. I did this when I was running regularly and built calluses on my sole. The petroleum jelly thing worked for some time.

The Essence of Beauty Body Cream worked every time. Every day, my skin gets softer and it looks very moisturized. I used to apply tons of lotion on my feet whenever I’ll be wearing sandal or anything that’s open because the skin around my toe nails tend to dry up easily. But with the body cream? No. I don’t need the lotion at day time.

I love the product! Sadly, I’m running out and when I checked, it’s sold at CVS. We don’t have CVS here in the Philippines and I have yet to find a shop that sells or delivers to the Philippines for free. The shipping fees are more expensive than the product! Totally not practical in my book. I love this body cream! In fact, I love it so much I don’t mind the very strong ginger-y smell at all. But I’m at a lost of what to use next after it’s gone.

Anyway, pros outweighs the cons in this one.

Review: Essence of Beauty Body Cream


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